Bankruptcy and Credit Counseling

Crews Wenberg, PLLC provides a customized range of debt reorganization services for individuals and businesses that examines the client’s situation in its entirety. Consideration is holistically given to include related legal issues involving tax-sensitive matters, estate planning, anticipated purchases, family conditions, and types of property holdings.


Our services through the federal bankruptcy courts include filings under Chapter 7 (individual discharge of debt), Chapter 11 (business reorganization) and Chapter 13 (individual reorganization).

For the individual, a bankruptcy can be an uncertain and demanding experience. We understand the clients’ anxiety and that is why we spend the necessary time and effort to examine and determine your personal and financial situation before proceeding into bankruptcy. We walk you through each of the proceedings, and protect as much of your property as allowed by law. Mostly, we work towards placing you in a more secure and stronger financial position after the bankruptcy.

For our commercial clients, we represent business owners in reorganization situations. Our experience enables our clients to obtain rapid, cost-effective and amicable restructurings, thereby avoiding costly, antagonistic and typically unproductive settlement negotiations among competing interests.

Consulting for business bankruptcy and insolvency issues often include debt and financial analysis, reorganization plans, post-bankruptcy emergence plans, and litigation matters including relief from automatic stays, creditors claims, abstention, discharges, and involuntary petitions.

Litigation is often a necessary part of the bankruptcy process, and we are adept in bankruptcy litigation including, among others, fraudulent conveyances, preferences, turnover, stay litigation, valuation disputes, and claim objections. At the same time, we recognize that litigation is only a means to an end and not an end in itself. Since our goal is to represent our clients' best interests, we seek to help each client reach that end in the most advantageous and cost-effective manner possible - be it a settlement or a trial.